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The endless light energy that flows through all of life and links the universe as one, spiralling on after death, works on various vibrational levels.  Sometimes stress, tiredness, worry and negativity deplete our normal healthy vibrations allowing illness and dis-ease to manifest itself.


Our batteries need to be charged to enable our bodies own ability to repair and heal for optimum good health.  But more than this, a holistic approach is needed to achieve positive long term results.  Reiki/Seichim works on all levels body, mind, emotional and spiritual.  The power of Reiki/Seichim is unlimited, immeasurable, it works on high vibrational levels in subtle but profound ways.  It can change our lives, our concept of life and our well being, bringing balance and harmony.  


Reiki/Seichim is a ancient form of hands on healing given by a fully qualified practitioner.  It is an enjoyable experience, a true oasis from the chaos around us, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and carrying with you the tranquillity of the Reiki/Seichim energy.


Reiki/Seichim benefits all conditions, it is of particular help to those suffering from stress related disorders.  To receive healing does not always mean a miraculous recovery from terminal illness, but to be whole, to enable us to cope on all levels of our being, to ease emotional turmoil, to allow us to accept our illness, to bring peace, harmony and balance, to feel love for ourselves.  Many symptoms can be alleviated and indeed remission can be achieved in some cases.

Words cannot describe Reiki/Seichim it needs to be experienced.  

For further information regarding private consultations please contact

The Therapy Centre on 01253 735728


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