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In Reiki the healing energy moves through the healer and is channelled to the recipient, thus never draining the healer.  The more a Reiki practitioner channels the energy the greater the benefits for both healer and recipient.

Reiki is traditionally taught on three levels, Reiki 1 being the starting point when you are attuned to the healing energies of Reiki, enabling you to begin healing yourself and others.


Reiki 1st Degree

This is the beginning of a life enhancing journey to the self and beyond.  The first degree connects you to the universal life force, you will learn the history of Reiki, how energy works, the chakras, hand positions for healing yourself and others.  Training and attunement will take place over a two day period or as arranged to suit an individual's needs.


Reiki 2nd Degree

Most people seeking the second degree Reiki feel they are drawn to it at the appropriate time.  As a second degree practitioner you will be taught the sacred Reiki symbols in order to focus and increase the life force to your healing.  You will be shown how to send distant healing across time and space, past present future.  Your vibratory levels will increase dramatically after attunement.  Intuition will be heightened, spiritual growth will take place, you will undergo a deeply fulfilling experience.  


Reiki Mastership

Further tools are given at this attunement.  You will be empowered to attune and teach.  Should you wish this degree is also taken for spiritual growth and self development.


For information regarding Reiki Training 

Please contact Susan Auger 

Tel.  01253 839192


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